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One Hundred Issues of the Performance Menu

WOW! I’ve written a number of technical pieces for the PM over the years, and I had some ideas along this line when Greg asked me to make a cont... Continue reading
Chapter Two: Hunter Gatherers Are Us

Excerpt from the book The Paleolithic Solution by Robb Wolf This book is a story about us. You know, H. Sapiens. It’s also a story of how to ... Continue reading
Moving On Up! Why CrossFit NorCal Decided to Grow

CrossFit NorCal opened its doors (officially) on Jan 24th 2004. We are wrapping up our fifth year in business and I’m a little stunned by that f... Continue reading
Where have the Lordosi gone?

I’m not sure what the story is… if it’s some kind of evil lottery we have won at CrossFit NorCal or if this is just the state of lo... Continue reading
Intermittent Fasting: No Questions Necessary! (Please)

If you poke around the CrossFit message board, Performance Menu forums or a few other enlightened locales, you are likely to see a few questions regar... Continue reading

Working as a generalist strength & conditioning coach using CrossFit methodology appears to be a case of “Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None... Continue reading
42 Ways To Skin The Zone

Have you ever heard the term “If all you have is a hammer all the world looks like a nail”? How about “You can put lipstick on a pi... Continue reading
The Agility Ladder

The warm-up process we use at NorCal Strength & Conditioning has gone through many evolutions over the past few years. We have used iterations of ... Continue reading
Get Zerched!

If you’ve ever been lost, needed a bathroom and wandered through a modern Globo Gym, you were likely amazed at the stupefying profusion of gear ... Continue reading

Five years ago if you asked most people who Chuck Liddell was or showed them a photo of the Ice Man he might have been mistaken for a NASCAR fan, not ... Continue reading
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