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Why You Should Get Outside (Especially If You Work Out Where You Work)

Spring is coming, but many of us are still living in all kinds of cold right now. As I write, it’s 27 degrees here in Philadelphia, with the kin... Continue reading
True or False: Barefoot Running is Better for You and More Efficient

  People have been running barefoot for most of human history. Specialist running shoes are a relatively recent invention, first appearing in th... Continue reading
Simple Dumbbell Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Dumbbells are everywhere: gyms, hotels, schools, your grandparent’s basement… there are bound to be a range of dumbbells lying around som... Continue reading
10 Tips for Better Coaching

I have coached for thousands of hours in CrossFit gyms in New York City and Kansas City, Missouri. I have worked with absolute beginners, has-beens, a... Continue reading
True or False: Running on Hard Surfaces Is Bad for Your Knees

Tell me if these suggestions sound familiar: Find a soft grassy field to do sprints. Stick to trails instead of pavement when you can. Enjoy the sprin... Continue reading
Understanding the Difference Between a Barbell Jerk and a Kettlebell Jerk

When doing strength and conditioning, it is important to understand the purpose of the tool you are using. For the most part, all strength equipment i... Continue reading
A Guide to Kettlebell Training Using Complexes, Contrasts, Combined and Stimulation Methods

There are so many fantastic training tools to utilize when you are designing programs for your clients or athletes, but have you been using the kettle... Continue reading
Emphasizing Strength in Fitness Classes

Since first running the fourth CrossFit affiliate gym in the world with Robb Wolf and Nicki Violetti many years ago, I’ve changed the way I&rsqu... Continue reading
Cross-Purpose Goals

Some personal trainers and coaches get really hung up on the concept of goal-setting, asking all of their clients what their number one goal is. Usual... Continue reading
Seven Ways to Be More Coachable

I’ve written a lot of articles in these pages about how coaches can step up their game. That’s probably because I’ve had some terrib... Continue reading
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