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Seven Ways to Be More Coachable

I’ve written a lot of articles in these pages about how coaches can step up their game. That’s probably because I’ve had some terrib... Continue reading
True or False: Training Hard Makes You More Likely to Catch a Cold

You work hard. You eat well. You try to take care of yourself. So when you do finally come down with a cold or flu, could it be because you worked too... Continue reading
Coach Expertise and Client Agency: Finding A Balance

Fitness blogs and trade journals alike have many articles on ways to improve your coaching, and we’re no exception. There are entire books devot... Continue reading
The Importance of Emphasizing Power Training in Older Clients

Muscular power is the ability to quickly generate force, apply it to a load and successfully complete an action. Although we routinely schedule progra... Continue reading
Unconventional movements to add to your conditioning workouts

Those privy to the functional fitness scene are very familiar with the so-called "conventional” exercises in WODs and competitive exercise ... Continue reading
Utilizing Post Activation Potentiation to Maximize Power Output

How many of us early in our training history looked at the warm-up as just some time for a little stretching, coupled with a little cardio before hitt... Continue reading
Movement Standards

We all have them, whether we are aware of them or not. Some are elegant and beautiful, while others can be downright atrocious. Some are clearly defin... Continue reading
Don’t skip Out on Jumping Rope

There are few modes of training that offer the wide spectrum of training effects that rope jumping does. In addition, a good, high quality rope costs ... Continue reading
Training with Chronic Illness: A Perspective

Exercise is generally prescribed for people that are living with chronic illness and while it seems to be universally accepted as a good idea, there d... Continue reading

Happy New Year! Each year when December rolls over into January, a widespread phenomenon called the New Year’s resolution occurs. The idea is th... Continue reading
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