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Ask Greg: Issue 121

Colin Asks: Hey Greg, I'm a college student who recently started training with Olympic weightlifting after taking a class on it taught by my university's head strength and conditioning coach. For me currently, the limiting factor on my lifts is m... Continue reading
Jobs and Responsibilities of Coach and Athlete

Have you ever played a team sport where your coach yelled at you? Many of you probably come from some kind of athletic background, but I wonder how many of you have played football, basketball, baseball, or something else where the occasional locker ... Continue reading
Maximizing Natural Testosterone Levels Through Exercise

The purpose of this article is to establish safe and effective methods or modalities for naturally boosting testosterone production. The modalities I’ll discuss largely effect testosterone in males, but may work to increase testosterone in fema... Continue reading
Specialize Your Warm-Up

As a younger man, my warm-ups consisted of static stretching and a light jog. Nowadays, I warm up differently because I recognize that a good warm-up can not only help prevent injuries, but it can also help to improving your training as well. Over... Continue reading
Beyond Resolutions: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

It’s February, which is right around when most people have completely given up on their New Year’s resolutions. Often times their resolutions were too rigid to begin with—which is why ‘setting goals’ can be a more useful... Continue reading
True or False: Bulletproof Coffee Is a Magic Weight-Loss Elixir

Well, I finally tried it. Coffee with Kerrygold butter and coconut oil (I didn't buy the branded coffee beans and MCT oil, so I guess it's just bullet-resistant coffee) and hey, it's kind of delicious. But will it improve my mental clarity? Fight cra... Continue reading
Interview: Leo Totten

Leo Totten has done more for weightlifting in the United States than the vast majority of people involved in the sport. I realize that’s a huge statement to open this interview with, but it’s totally appropriate in this case. Leo started ... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 121

Sweet Meat 1 - Curry Maple I got the idea for this unusual combination recently when some cooking scents wafted downstairs. (We have a kitchen in the gym.) I smelled curry, but my client thought it smelled like maple. This got me thinking that the... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 121

Upcoming National Meets 2015 National Junior Championships: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, February 12-15 Athlete/ Team Registration   2015 Arnold Classic Weightlifting Championships: Columbus, Ohio, March 5-8 Registration   2015 Natio... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 120

Adrian Asks: I've been lifting a year and a half and have a problem setting up tight from the floor. From plates and off blocks I feel really strong but when it comes to the floor I can’t seem to get full scapular retraction and T-spine extensi... Continue reading
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