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Ask Greg: Issue 124

Dillon Asks: A few questions for you… I was reading the superhero complex article and got to thinking about some past questions that no one was able to answer for me. First is related to the loss of lumbar curve in the back squat. With depth... Continue reading
Bodyweight Changes: Be Prepared for Anything

Let’s talk about big people. And STOP! Even if you’re not a big person, this is still going to apply to you. So don’t jump ship on this article and go eat a paleo kale brownie if you’re a featherweight. Read it, blast you! ... Continue reading
Understanding the Difference Between a Barbell Jerk and a Kettlebell Jerk

When doing strength and conditioning, it is important to understand the purpose of the tool you are using. For the most part, all strength equipment is functional when it is used in the manner for which it was designed. Understanding the difference ... Continue reading
You Want Me to Do What With My Crook Back?!?

Olympic weightlifting can play an important role in the rehabilitation of disc prolapses, either on its own or as an adjunct to exercise modalities such as Pilates. When thinking of rehabilitation exercise for back injuries, Pilates is often the... Continue reading
Your First Year Weightlifting Soundtrack

Music is powerful. The songs we hear, and not just the ones we listen to by choice, form a soundscape for our lives and our lifting. It is inevitable that you will have a musical backdrop while you train. Have you ever been in a gym where music wasn&... Continue reading
There’s An App (And a Wearable) For That

I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people with so many apps on my phone that it’s hard for me to keep track of them all. I have to delete apps whenever a new storage-sucking update gets pushed out, and even though I’m constantly ... Continue reading
True or False: Chocolate Milk Is the Best Recovery Drink

Is chocolate milk better than expensive recovery products? There is a fair amount of research saying so.) Some of it funded by dairy companies.) But maybe the lesson is really that recovery products aren't any more special than food, any kind, with t... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Stephanie Palacol

If you’ve been following American weightlifting for an extended length of time, you know that there’s been a population explosion in recent years, especially in the women’s division. The old “lifting weights makes women look b... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 124

Sweet Chili Rub Here's an easy way to add some flavor to a roast. There are several other possible uses described in the following recipes. For those of you concerned about sugar, remember that you'll only be getting a couple of grams at the most ... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 124

Upcoming National Meets   2015 National Youth Championships: Minneapolis, MN June 25-28   2015 National Championships: Dallas, TX, August 13-16   2015 National University Championships: Ogden, UT, September 24-27   2015 Am... Continue reading
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