I'm a subscriber and bought some back issues and articles. Where can I access them?

When you're logged into your account, you can click on the My Purchases link in your subscriber menu to access anything you've purchased.

I purchased some back issues or articles from the old website. Where can I find them?

Unfortunately purchases made on the old system are not available on this site. You will need to log in to the Catalyst Athletics store to access your download links.

I subscribed through the old website. Will all of my issues be accessible here?

Yes, your subscription has been transitioned to the new system.

How do I read my issues?

Performance Menu content is available in 4 ways: You can download the complete issue as a PDF, download individual articles from each issue as PDFs, read articles as HTML, or send them to your Kindle. Browse to the issue or article you want to read, and click the "download pdf" button, "send to kindle" button, or view an article to read. Note that you must be logged in to a current account to access the content.

I don't want to get an email each month with the link to the new issue. What should I do?

You can turn off this email notification in your profile. Log in to your account, click the "profile" link in the subscriber menu, click the "edit profile" link, and in the drop down menu next to "Get new issue emails", select "No".

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