The Culture of Fitness
Cameron Conaway

Fitness: the state of being suitably adapted to an environment; survival.

There is a scene in the movie Ip Man, a film named after the man who served as Bruce Lee’s martial arts instructor and mentor, in which a character asks Ip if he’s been training lately. As the question is asked, the Japanese invasion of 1937 is underway in Foshan, China. Families, including Ip’s, are he...

Barb Herbert July 1 2013 1:33 pm
Awesome article! As a Canadian who has not travelled much, I really appreciate the insight that an article like this gives about how other cultures view things... and how very fortunate we are here in North America.
James FitzGerald July 1 2013 2:39 pm
cameron, everything perceived is based on each persons filter....
so the lesson should be that everyone has different values as to why they train and that must be respected and not judged...
(such as ours for your vision in this article)
especially if we all have our own versions of what "fitness" means..which is more than "to be able to perform a task" in my vision only
i like the idea of people having the opportunity to exercise to reach a state of well being that is possibly MORE THAN what they currently have, and IF they get this through getting to the gym tired and reach some conclusions on themselves by doing this, so be it, good for them
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