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Ask Greg: Issue 148

Jonathan Asks: What are your thoughts on how much technique should be emphasized and reinforced to athletes ranging from intermediate to advanced level lifters? Should advanced level athletes be able to make the decisions about technique along side w... Continue reading
Long-Term Weightlifting Development…and Money

When you’re involved in Olympic weightlifting in this country, there are a lot of harsh truths you have to face. One of them is the fact that this country doesn’t really have a system set up for long-term development of weightlifters, fro... Continue reading
When to Fire an Athlete

Coaching manuals tell you what to look for when conducting athlete movement assessments, what cues are beneficial, and how to train special populations or youth. How often do you see a manual or article telling coaches how to fire an athlete? It&#... Continue reading
Stop Letting Loyalty Kill Your Weightlifting Performance

Recently I’ve become concerned by the number of people who seem to have forgotten that Weightlifting is a sport. A real world-wide sport forming part of the Olympic Games. A competitive activity in which, with the right talent and commitment, y... Continue reading
True or False: Clicking or Cracking of Joints Is A Sign Of Damage

Working as an osteopath, I’ve found that one of the most common issues my patients ask about is clicking joints. Many people worry that the noise might be a sign of damage, or that it means they’re getting arthritis. Let’s have a lo... Continue reading
Unpopular Opinion: Yes, You Sometimes Should Get in Shape Before You Start Training in A Sport

There’s an oft-repeated adage that the best way to get in shape for a sport is to participate in the sport, especially if it’s a year-round activity. If you ask questions on online forums for fitness advice, or casually lurk like me, you&... Continue reading
Interview: Phil Sabatini

One of the things I learned very early in my weightlifting career is that you have to be extremely selfish if you want to be a successful athlete. You have to see your training as the most important thing in the world, above anything else. This isn&r... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 148

Upcoming National Meets May 11-14 USAW Nationals (Chicago, Illinois) June 22-25 USAW Youth Nationals (Atlanta, GA ) July 28-31 AO Series 2 (Miami, FL) September 8-10 AO Series 3 (Grand Rapids, MI) December 7-10 AO Championships (Anaheim, CA) ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 147

DA Asks: My question concerns proper form when performing snatch or clean deadlifts. I've seen two ways of doing them: one finishes with straight legs and emphasizes being over the bar; the other finishes with a double knee bend/scoop under. If t... Continue reading
Trying to Train Clean on a Program Designed for Drug Users

I need to start this article with a massive news flash that you might not be ready for. It’s a piece of information that could take you totally by surprise and blow your doors off. Are you ready? Okay, here it is. Steroids and other performa... Continue reading
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