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Ask Greg: Issue 147

DA Asks: My question concerns proper form when performing snatch or clean deadlifts. I've seen two ways of doing them: one finishes with straight legs and emphasizes being over the bar; the other finishes with a double knee bend/scoop under. If t... Continue reading
Trying to Train Clean on a Program Designed for Drug Users

I need to start this article with a massive news flash that you might not be ready for. It’s a piece of information that could take you totally by surprise and blow your doors off. Are you ready? Okay, here it is. Steroids and other performa... Continue reading
Over-coaching Ruins Your Athletes and Your Reputation

On the surface, coaching seems easy. You yell a cue. You make a grandiose speech before the big competition. You somehow turn a rag-tag team of misfits into Junior Olympic champions. (The last one may have been the plot for "D2: The Mighty Ducks... Continue reading
4 Powerful Ways to Train Off the Platform

Recently, I had a conversation with a climber who, like me, has a very limited amount of time available for her sport. Because of her work and family commitments, she is only able to climb once or twice a week. What fascinated me was that she doesn&r... Continue reading
True or False: Activity Trackers Can Help You Improve Your health and Fitness

Activity trackers are all the rage at the moment. You may have friends and family that have one, or perhaps you’ve been tempted to pick one up yourself. They come in lots of different forms, ranging from standalone movement trackers, to more co... Continue reading
When Healthy Eating Isn’t Healthy: A Look at Gut Health

You can probably think of someone who suffers from inflammatory bowel disease, joint pain, cardiovascular problems, or thyroid problems. Someone who’s constantly getting sick and has slow recovery. But not all people who fit this profile are co... Continue reading
Book Review: Wired to Eat

Back in the day, the only Paleo books you could find were written by Loren Cordain (2001) and, of course, Robb Wolf (2010). But a lot has changed since the Paleo Diet and The Paleo Solution were published. Now you can’t even walk into a booksto... Continue reading
Interview: Wil Fleming

I remember hearing about an up-and-coming young lifter named Wil Fleming back in the 90s. His coaches were friends of mine from the old days and they said he was a kid with a lot of talent, but I never actually saw him lift. He quit the sport early, ... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 147

Upcoming National Meets April 6-9 University Nationals and Under 25 Championships (Gainesville, Florida) May 11-14 USAW Nationals (Chicago, Illinois) June 22-25 USAW Youth Nationals (Atlanta, GA ) July 28-31 AO Series 2 (Miami, FL) September 8... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 146

Chris Asks: Hey Greg, love the content on your site. I have been lifting for about a year or so, averaging 4 to 5 days a week. The last few months I have been wrestling with patellar tendonitis. It finally got bad enough that I had to stop doing the ... Continue reading
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