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Ask Greg: Issue 154

Elbow Woes Asks: My question is essentially: what causes pressouts? Anatomically, I have pretty good elbows for locking out. When the weight is about 90% I have noticed I sometimes bobble my elbow in the hole of a snatch. Not a lot but definitely eno... Continue reading
People Who Should Quit Weightlifting

I have a funny Shaquille O’Neal story. Want to hear it? Okay, here it goes. I once had a buddy who played against Shaq when he was in college. My buddy was a senior at the time and played center (which meant he was matched up head-to-head with ... Continue reading
Know your History: Who are USAW's Women Olympians?

In 2012, I was talking with one of Team USA’s top Junior lifters. He asked me, “Carissa, did you ever lift?” Another lifter the same age as him was standing there and smacked him. I’m not trying to sound egotistical, but at th... Continue reading
True or False: Deep Squats Are Bad for Your Knees

Knee health is a frequently discussed topic in the fitness community. There’s a lot of popular advice that gets thrown around about things you should avoid because they’re bad for your knees – if you followed all of them, you’... Continue reading
Lower Extremity Strength for Upper Extremity Stability: An Introduction to Myofascial Trains

Athletes in any sport are at high risk for shoulder injuries, especially if they perform overhead movements. The common thought to rehabilitate shoulder injuries is to strengthen the rotator cuff musculature/shoulder girdle and upper extremities. A m... Continue reading
Beyond Scaling for Adaptive Athletes

The increased number of athletes choosing to use Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit as avenues for continued sport has shown a coaching need for progressions beyond basic scaling of movements. Whether you’re a coach working with a recently inju... Continue reading
Bands: Time Under Tension and Rehabbing Injuries

Performing any sort of physical activity puts the participant at risk of injury. The risk continues to increase as the participant increases the intensity of their activity. After an injury, you will face the daunting task of rehabbing and getting yo... Continue reading
Interview: Danielle Hudes

Whenever I ask a weightlifter what their current goals are and they answer with, “to improve the quality of each lift,” I become a fan. That’s one of my favorite lines from this interview with Danielle Hudes.   Once again, we... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 154

Upcoming National Meets December 7-10 AO Championships (Anaheim, CA)   Upcoming International Meets October 21-28 Youth Pan Ams (Cali, Colombia) November 28-December 6 IWF World Championships (Anaheim, CA)   USAW Certifications ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 153

Jonathan Asks: When performing a lift, many lifters jump forward instead of back on their heels. What is a good way to fix this issue?   Greg Says: How you fix this problem depends on what’s causing it, which can vary considerably among ... Continue reading
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