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Featured Articles

Ask Greg: Issue 85

Matt Asks: I bought the Olympic weightlifting book by Tommy Kono and watched a few of his videos. I noticed that he recommends to have your shoulders pushed forwards, lats spread when doing snatches and cleans. I trained that way for a while until my... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 74

Rich Asks: I've been doing crossfit for about 18 months and train 5 times per week. I would like to dial in some supplemental lifting in order to build strength. I've heard that the deadlift is a great all body exercise (it benefits all parts of the ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 103

Francisco Asks: Hello Greg, First of all thanks a lot for the amazing work you are doing there. I follow it and buy the videos about weightlifting as they come out. My question: how to solve the "tuck under" position, you know, the hips cha... Continue reading