Issue 111: April 2014

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Ask Greg: Issue 111
Greg Everett

Starting Early, Starting Late, and Iron Mileage
Matt Foreman

Introducing Plyometrics to the Novice Olympic Lifter
Brad Leshinske

Using Team Workouts in Group Fitness Classes
Kyle J Smith

Food Storage 101 (Or, How to stop throwing out tons of bad food at the end of each week.)
Yael Grauer

True or False: Stretching helps you recover
Beth Skwarecki

Athlete Interview: Tamara Solari
Matt Foreman

Recipes: Issue 111
Scott Hagnas

Weightlifting News: Issue 111
Sam Holmes

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When Lifting, Think Down Not Out to Get Under the Bar

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Renewed interest in Olympic lifting has student athletes all over the country hoisting weights over their heads looking to improve their athletic performance. One common problem I see all the time in these folks is poor receiving position. Rather tha... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 13

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Thai "Peanut" sauce over spaghetti squash

A Thai peanut sauce, without the peanuts! This makes a good high-fat side dish.

Prep time 10 minutes
Cook time 30 minutes

One spa... Continue reading
Why Dots?

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My first experience with the dot drill came about in my high school football off-season strength & conditioning program. I remember one day as we went out to the track for conditioning seeing a whole gang of white dots spray-painted on the asphal... Continue reading
Power Position & Transition

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The remarkable power found in the snatch, clean and jerk can be attributed primarily to a single, surprisingly brief portion of the entire movement: the final leg and hip extension performed from the power position. In the power position, the feet ar... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 88

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Lotus Root Stir Fry

This month, our feature food is the lotus root. Lotus root is common in Asian cuisine. Look for it in Asian or Indian markets.

Time: 40 minutes

• 2-3 lotu... Continue reading
All Growth Begins With Pain: Planning Your Training, Part II

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Last month’s article took a broad look at competition planning. We examined some of the important issues a competitive weightlifter must address such as how many meets to compete in within a given year, anticipating distractions, and prioritizi... Continue reading