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Featured Articles

Ask Greg: Issue 79

Khaled Asks: I am a CrossFit trainer at CrossFit Norwalk, and I am writing to you regarding programming of dedicated Olympic lifting sessions with a regular CrossFit schedule. I know many high-level CrossFitters will do extra oly lifting work in addi... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 100

Lynn Asks: Hi Greg, I don't know if this is mostly in women, but I'd love an article or an answer about setting up with excessive arching in the lower back. Many people, when they learned how to lift, learned to arch the back instead of finding some ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 89

Geoff Asks: Hope life is good on the west coast! I was hoping to get your thoughts on the above. Normally, when training for WL I wouldn't entertain aerobics at all as it hinders my progress in the lifts but as I am now older (55) I find that the wor... Continue reading