Issue 111: April 2014

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Ask Greg: Issue 111
Greg Everett

Starting Early, Starting Late, and Iron Mileage
Matt Foreman

Introducing Plyometrics to the Novice Olympic Lifter
Brad Leshinske

Using Team Workouts in Group Fitness Classes
Kyle J Smith

Food Storage 101 (Or, How to stop throwing out tons of bad food at the end of each week.)
Yael Grauer

True or False: Stretching helps you recover
Beth Skwarecki

Athlete Interview: Tamara Solari
Matt Foreman

Recipes: Issue 111
Scott Hagnas

Weightlifting News: Issue 111
Sam Holmes

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How Coaches Are Failing Our Kids – And What You Can Do To Help

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I was never athletic growing up. Sure, I rode my bicycle around the block and splashed around the pool at my local YMCA, but I never exercising for the fun and challenge of it. I wasn’t much good at it, and didn’t think I could be. I wasn... Continue reading
Interview with Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried

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About three months ago I was surfing around on PubMed and found a few interesting papers on Intermittent Fasting (IF) and Caloric Restriction with Adequate Nutrition (CRAN) from researcher Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried Ph.D., Professor of Biology at Boston ... Continue reading
Forced Reps

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"For the record, I saw huge gains following Steve's crazy ways. Huge." -Jasha Faye, two-time junior national champion, three-time collegiate national champion, two-time American champion, OTC resident and '96 Olympic trials participant. Continue reading
How Fast Eddie Got Fast: The Use of Light Weights to Develop Speed and Precision

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If you’ve been reading Performance Menu for a while, you know that I love to include a lot of film and literature references in the articles I write. I’m a big reader and a movie lover, so famous quotes and one-liners always seem to poke ... Continue reading
Back to Basics: A Case for Bulgarian Training

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It should come as no surprise to anyone who has read my previous articles in Performance Menu that I believe highly in Bulgarian training principles with regard to preparing weightlifters. To me, no system in the world could have produced the results... Continue reading
13 & Under Weightlifter Training

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In last months’ article I outlined the Beginner Training program used at Sandusky Weightlifting. This month I will present to you the transition we make in the second year of training where the training becomes much more structured and from a c... Continue reading