Five Ways To Juggle Personal and Parenting Time
Gideon Walker

Here’s what a typical day in the life of a U.S. Army reservist, on active duty in Afghanistan, is like.


Wake up, shake last night’s guard duty off, get dressed and prep for the day.

Chow time at the DFAC. Grab some eggs, sausages, potatoes and English muffins and make myself a breakfast sandwich. Grab a to-go box with extra food for lunch, since we’ll be outside the gate and won’t re...

Conor Lynch July 1 2013 1:52 pm
Gideon, great advice! Thanks for the suggestion of the time tracking site, it's exactly what I needed to realize how much time I've been throwing away.

Good luck with your boys, I'm sure they're better off for having a dad who can get things in order as well as you've done.
Gideon Walker July 2 2013 9:37 pm
Conor, thanks for the kind words : ) RescueTime has been super valuable in determining tick sucking sites and activities. I went on a Facebook Diet for a month once and the productivity level shot up to 73% in doing so. It's an awesome tool : ) As far as being a "get things done" dad — it's always a work in progress heh. Enjoy your Independence Day! -Gideon
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