Weightlifting For Kids
Rich Kite

“Weightlifting will stunt your growth!!!”

This is a phrase that used to be thrown around all the time. It stemmed from the theory that the heavy loads lifted by kids would stop them from growing. I’m sure part of the reason this theory came about is due to us, the weightlifters. The best weightlifters are usually vertically challenged; the smaller you are the less distance the bar needs to travel, after all. Perhaps some genius that thought he was puttin...

Gordon Limb September 9 2013 6:31 am
I really like the theory, but the text doesn't match the point system. The point system implies that the Snatch has a possible of 8 points similar to a Clean or Jerk. Also, a power version of the lift would net 6 points vice 1 assuming that a good start, first and second pull were accomplished (1 point each for start position, pull to knees, and complete extension).

Also, it seems like you would want to bias the weighting toward the snatch technique (in other words double the points for snatch but not for the clean and jerk). This would align more with a competitive total in the "real world".

Finally, are the technique numbers simply added to the weight lifted in each attempt or is there some other formula?

Again, really like the idea, but just need to clear up some of the confusion.
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