How To Go Paleo Without Going Broke
Yael Grauer

If you're used to living off of Ramen noodles, white rice and pinto beans when times are tough, take heart. You don't have to stock up on denatured grains to eat on a budget, even an extreme one.

It's definitely possible to stick to a Paleo diet with limited cash, even if your initiation into the world of cave food may have led you to believe otherwise. Follow the tips below and take another stab at it. (No pun intended.)

Tip #1: Whatever you do, don't hop s

John Pak October 2 2013 7:31 am
i tupperware my meat into single servings and store in the freezer, that way I won't eat more than I'm supposed to(zone-ish). i'm super lucky also, one of my members at a gym owns a produce farm. Every couple days he brings crates of leftover veggies that he doesn't sell at the farmers market and brings it for our members. Pretty much you get a gym membership and veggies at our place! I also buy 2 different kinds of protein. 1 cheap kind from costco, and 1 good kind, usually bsn syntha-6 or protein-7. The cheap kind i use for my morning shakes. the good one i use for post workout. I also buy almond and peanut butter. I use a lil bit of almond butter in my shakes, and spoonful of peanut butter for snacks throughout the day(very froning like. also cheaper than almond butter. but i will also argue that i was eating PB before he won the games).
Yael Grauer October 3 2013 8:31 pm
Yes, tupperware for portion control is a great idea, and how lucky are you to get free veggies! For inexpensive almond butter, check out Trader Joe's!
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