Quality Coaching: Finding a Coach Among Impersonators
Jonathan Lopez

I’ve wanted to write on this topic for a while now because I’ve seen this problem get as out of hand as an open bar party on Fat Tuesday.

What has me so riled up? Earning the title of coach is equivalent to being considered a subject matter expert (SME) in the business world. You have to master your craft over years of dedication and hard work. I am a CrossFit owner, I have my USAW Sport Performance certification, CrossFit Olympic Lifting certification, multiple degree...

Rob Killian February 15 2014 12:24 am
Jonathan, I really appreciate the perspective in this article and have a question. What about someone like myself who learned about and fell in love with the lifts late in life AND also lives in an area where it is proving very difficult to find quality coaching? I am "one of those people" who learned about the lifts via Crossfit but have since left the local affiliate for a variety of reasons and train at home. I'm 46 and have no delusions about what I will accomplish as Olympic Weightlifter :) But I read and view video and study and I want to be able to teach my two boys the sport (since I don't see moving to get them closer to quality coaching). Any suggestions for someone like myself ? Or is it really just not feasible ?
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