Weightlifting News: Issue 110
Sam Holmes

Upcoming National Meets
Youth National Championships and Youth Olympic Games Trials: Daytona Beach, Florida, June 12-15
National Championships: Salt Lake City, Utah, July 17-20
Upcoming International Meets
Asian Youth (YOG Qualification) and Junior Championships: Bangkok, Thailand, March 4-12
Junior Pan American Championships: Reno, Nevada USA, March 31-April 6

European Championships: Tel Aviv, Israel, April 5-12

African Junior and Youth (YOG Qualification) Championships: Yaoundé, Cameroon, April 15-22

European Youth Championships (YOG Qualification): Ciechanow, Poland, April 28- May 3
Pan-American Youth Championships (YOG Qualification): Chiclayo, Peru, May 7-11

Pan-American Championships: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, May 26-June 2

IWF Junior World Championships: Kazan, Russia, June 20-28

Youth Olympic Games: Nanjing, China, August 16-28

IWF World Championships- Olympic Qualifications: Almaty, Kazakhstan, November 4-16

4th FISU World University Championships: Chiangmai, Thailand, December 5-8
USAW Certs
8-9 Westbrook, ME (level 1, Chris Polakowski) registration
15-16 Charlotte, NC (level 1, Alex Koch) registration
15-16 Cincinnati (Maineville), OH (level 1 Chris Cleary) registration
20-21 Rockaway, NJ (level 1 Frank Murray) registration
22-23 Louisville, KY (level 1 Ben Carter) registration
29-30 Vero Beach, FL (level 1 Jesse Reynolds) registration
5-6 Goleta, CA (level 1 Danny McDermott) registration
11-12 Ogden, UT (level 1 Michael Carroll) registration
12-13 Duluth, MN (level 1 Scott Safe) registration
12-13 Statesboro, GA (level 1 Kerri Goodrich) registration
26-27 Gilbert, AZ (level 1 Jim Schmitz) registration
26-27 Oak Ridge North, TX (level 1 Ursula Papandrea) registration
3-4 Knoxville, TN (level 1 Stave Fauer) registration
10-11 Nyack, NY (level 1 Michael McKenna) registration
17-18 Miami, FL (level 1 Danny Camargo) registration
17-18 Sevierville, TN (level 1 CJ Stockel) registration
17-18 Turlock, CA (level 1 Jim Schmitz) registration
31-6/1 Lake Mary, FL (level 1 Danny Camargo) registration
31-6/1 San Diego, CA (level 1 Bob Takano) registration
6-7 Pompano Springs, FL (level 1 Danny Camargo) registration
6-7 Silver Spring, MD (level 1 Harvey Newton) registration
26-27 Bozeman, MT (level 1 Jasha Faye) registration
2-3 Hanover, PA (level 1 Michael McKenna) registration
2-3 Redford, VA (level 1 Alex Koch) registration
2-3 Orange, CA (level 1 Bob Takano) registration
2-3 Wisconsin Dells, WI (level 1 Scott Safe) registration
16-17 Southaven, MS  (level 1 Jason Poeth) registration
13-14 Telford, PA (level 1 Michael McKenna) registration
 Catalyst Athletics Certs

March 22-23, Los Angeles, CA (Monrovia) registration
April 12-13, Charleston, SC registration
May 3-4, Kansas City, KS registration
June 7-8, Manchester, UK registration
September 20-21, Sunnyvale, CA registration
October 4-5, Chicago, IL (Orland Park) registration
November 8-9, Miami, FL registration
New American Records
Darren Barnes, 56kg, 107 snatch. Jr. and Sr. record.
Darrel Barnes, 62kg, 121 snatch. Jr. and Sr. record.
Ian Wilson, 105kg, 170 snatch and 205 clean and jerk. Jr. records in snatch, clean and jerk, and total.
Doping Violations 
Sarah Robles 

2014 Jr. Nationals Results

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