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Ask Greg: Issue 115

Tony Asks: I'm one of the coaches for and a competitive member of the Leadville Lifters weightlifting team in Leadville, CO. Over the past few months ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 114

Jessica Asks: As a novice female lifter I have issues with my split jerk drive. I start fine with the dip but always go forward on the drive no matter... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 113

Erika Asks: I was debating all day if I should even attempt to ask a question, since I have this lack of self-confidence that comes with other people ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 112

Csaba Asks: At first let me just say, I am a recreational gym-goer who in the past year have been following an "Olympic style" training, wor... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 111

Wilfred Asks: I want to become national champion weightlifter. I have decided. But what do I do now? Where do I seek help? Who can help me? Where can ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 110

Emily Asks: Hey Greg... do you have any suggestions for assistance exercises to help improve my clean and jerk? Right now I am following your strengt... Continue reading

The excitement seems to be waning a little already, but at least momentarily, weightlifting complexes were the coolest thing on the internet. People h... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 109

Kumar Asks: Sir I would like to know about weekly, monthly and yearly training programming for Olympic weightlifting and how to distribute their repet... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 108

YS Asks: Just wanted to ask, I keep getting dizzy after doing power cleans. I'm currently on starting strength and train fasted just before lunchtime.... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 108

NEW AMERICAN RECORDS Youth Divisions Alexandra Thornton (44kg – 13& Under – Spoon Barbell): Snatch (43kg), Clean & Jerk (... Continue reading
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