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Ask Greg: Issue 126

Tim Asks: Quick background about me; I am in the military and have been lifting weights for 13 years. I have been doing Olympic lifts on and off durin... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 125

Mark Asks: It appears that there is more than one version of the High Hang Snatch. In version one, the body is positioned like the Tall Snatch, bar ac... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 124

Dillon Asks: A few questions for you… I was reading the superhero complex article and got to thinking about some past questions that no one wa... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 123

Evan Asks: I'm a male lifter who has been lifting for something like 9-10 months now. I usually lift in my garage; it’s pretty rare that I go to... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 122

Pedro Asks: Hi Greg, I'm a 26-year-old newbie in love with Olympic Weightlifting. My background in sports is mostly recreational. I know I'm probably ... Continue reading
Emphasizing Strength in Fitness Classes

Since first running the fourth CrossFit affiliate gym in the world with Robb Wolf and Nicki Violetti many years ago, I’ve changed the way I&rsqu... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 121

Colin Asks: Hey Greg, I'm a college student who recently started training with Olympic weightlifting after taking a class on it taught by my universit... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 120

Adrian Asks: I've been lifting a year and a half and have a problem setting up tight from the floor. From plates and off blocks I feel really strong b... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 119

Lauren Asks: I have a much higher Power Snatch than Snatch and find that my difficulty resides in catching the barbell in a low squat position. I have... Continue reading
Calm Like a Bomb: Properly Applying Aggression

Weightlifting is a very mental sport. A lot of coaches have been heard to say things along the lines of, “Weightlifting is 90 percent mental.&rd... Continue reading
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