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True or False: Cardio Sabotages Your Strength Training

You know what makes me feel like a total badass when I'm sitting around with a hot cocoa on a snowy winter afternoon? Being able to say, "Oh yeah... Continue reading
True of False: You Need To Cool Down After Your Workout

It's either the satisfying relaxation at the end of a hard workout, or one more thing keeping you from that snack and shower waiting at home. What goo... Continue reading
True or False: Glucosamine & Chondroitin Keep Your Joints Healthy

If you're smart, you think about your knees a lot. They're crucial to lifting, to running, to almost every sport, and they're worth taking good care o... Continue reading
True or False: Ice baths are good for recovery

Last month I tackled the question of whether ice helps you recover from injuries. This time, we're back in the freezer: what about the painfully belov... Continue reading
True or false: Ice is Good for Minor Injuries

It's a no-brainer for anything you've hurt: Whatever it is, wherever it is, put an ice pack on it. From bruises on up to sprains and muscle pulls and ... Continue reading
True or False: Alcohol Sabotages Your Recovery

Tell me I'm not the only fan of the post-workout shower beer. You know, when you've had a long day and then a hard workout, and your need for a hot sh... Continue reading
True or false: Calipers Are The Best Way To Measure Body Fat

I'm sorry to tell you that the best way to measure body fat is expensive and very inconvenient. It's also at odds with your training goals, whatever t... Continue reading
True or False: Music helps you work harder

Picking the perfect playlist makes you feel really alive, doesn't it? The beat pumps you up. Listening to a rock star makes you feel like a rock star.... Continue reading
True or False: Stretching helps you recover

Stretching used to be so simple. You were supposed to do it at every workout, it was supposed to keep you safe and limber, and now look what's happene... Continue reading
True or False: You can't build muscle with body weight exercises

They're equally perfect for cramped hotel rooms, sunny days in the park, and snowy days when you can't leave your house. They're cheaper than any gym ... Continue reading
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