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How to Run a Gym Without Being a Classist Asshole

We all know someone who’s made phenomenal strides in a sport—or in their own fitness journey—in spite of seemingly insurmountable od... Continue reading
How to Write Your First Fitness Article

Have you been coaching for a while and now it's time to prove your know-how in print? Are you tired of answering the same questions again and again, a... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 120

This month, we'll feature some cooked fruit recipes. These are simple and can be used at breakfast, post-training, or really anytime. Those who have d... Continue reading
Don't Be A Tool: An Open Letter To Coaches

Any coach worth their salt knows the value of fundamentals. No matter how advanced an athlete is, going back to the basics from time to time to contin... Continue reading
Millennials In Your Gym (And How To Keep Them There)

“If I knew someone was only going to stay six months, I would have never taken them on as a student.” Those exact words were spoken by a c... Continue reading
Providing Feedback to Your Coaching Peers

In the past year at CrossFit NYC, our membership has more than doubled, as has our coaching staff. As new faces join the coaching crew, we have looked... Continue reading
One Hundred Issues of the Performance Menu

WOW! I’ve written a number of technical pieces for the PM over the years, and I had some ideas along this line when Greg asked me to make a cont... Continue reading
6 Steps To Better Delegate, Manage, and Grow a Team

One of the toughest things to do as a coach and business owner is grow beyond yourself. You invest years in acquiring the knowledge required for clien... Continue reading
FIRE DRILL! Get 100 Clients FAST!

Good questions lead to good thinking. One of my favorite quotes I share when teaching sales training is this: “The income you make in your lifet... Continue reading
The 3 MOST Important Questions For Success In Your Business (and Your Life)

Today I travel all over the world supporting THOUSANDS of business owners in America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and more. All in... Continue reading
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