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Assessments For Improved Performance 101: When You Assume, You Make an ASS Out of U and ME!

Trends come and go in the fitness industry, and currently one of those trends happens to be corrective exercise. Simply put, corrective exercise is an... Continue reading
True or False: Warm-Ups Don’t Work

A good way of getting people’s attention is by writing a headline that flatly contradicts a commonly held belief. You may have noticed that on... Continue reading
Morning Movement: Why Light Morning Exercise Pays Off Big Time

The early morning sky bursts with every shade of orange, and hundreds of silhouettes are moving within it. It’s dark enough that they look like ... Continue reading
Specialize Your Warm-Up

As a younger man, my warm-ups consisted of static stretching and a light jog. Nowadays, I warm up differently because I recognize that a good warm-up ... Continue reading
Mindfulness & Muscle: How Thinking About Training Can Be Training

“As you think, so shall you become.” —Bruce Lee The mindfulness movement is gaining popularity, and it’s finding applicatio... Continue reading
True of False: You Need To Cool Down After Your Workout

It's either the satisfying relaxation at the end of a hard workout, or one more thing keeping you from that snack and shower waiting at home. What goo... Continue reading
Human Patterning

Blake: Honestly Commissioner, I don't know anything about civil engineering. Commissioner Gordon: But you know about patterns. Keep looking. In ... Continue reading
Applying Motor Learning Research for Athletes

In our own training and as coaches, we are always looking for the optimal learning strategies for enhancing performance. The science and practice of m... Continue reading
Integrated Mobility Part 3: Practical Application and Programming

This month, we'll wrap up the series on mobility. It's time to get down to practical application of these principles. Programming mobility work fo... Continue reading
Integrated Mobility, Part 2: Flow Work

Last month, we took a look at the five pillars of a complete mobility practice. This month, I’d like to discuss the integration of mobility, or ... Continue reading
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