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Recipes: Issue 136

This month, I'll feature the nutrient dense beet and a chilled soup in time for summer.   Spicy Beets   Time: 30 minutes   &b... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 135

Broccoli with Cream Sauce Time: 5 minutes for sauce; ~15 minutes total   This is quick and easy. It will taste somewhat like the cheese sauc... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 134

Creme Vichysoisse   Creme Vichysoisse is a French-style soup made of puréed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock. It is tra... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 133

Mediterranean Broccoli This is an easy way to add flavor to a simple veggie dish. Time: 5 minutes • 4 cups chopped broccoli Dressi... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 132

This month, we'll look at a few fall/winter fruit recipes and also take a basic look at cooking lentils. Fruit Salad w/Star Anise Time: 45 minu... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 131

Pumpkin Marinara This is a unique and seasonal marinara. You can use it over pasta, spaghetti squash, or any meat and veggie dish. Time: 15 min... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 130

 Sweet Salmon Hash A quick recipe using leftover salmon. This makes a good breakfast, or you can enjoy it at anytime. Time: 20 minutes &... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 128

Roasted Salt and Vinegar Sweet Potatoes This is a recipe adapted from a Cook's Illustrated feature. New potatoes were used in the original. Here, I... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 127

10 years ago this month, my first recipes debuted in the Performance Menu. I had been down visiting Robb in Chico, CA and brought a dish or two that I... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 125

This month, I'll feature my final updated recipe from the early archives. I also want to openly apologize for being the first person (that I am aw... Continue reading
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