Issue 111: April 2014

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Ask Greg: Issue 111
Greg Everett

Starting Early, Starting Late, and Iron Mileage
Matt Foreman

Introducing Plyometrics to the Novice Olympic Lifter
Brad Leshinske

Using Team Workouts in Group Fitness Classes
Kyle J Smith

Food Storage 101 (Or, How to stop throwing out tons of bad food at the end of each week.)
Yael Grauer

True or False: Stretching helps you recover
Beth Skwarecki

Athlete Interview: Tamara Solari
Matt Foreman

Recipes: Issue 111
Scott Hagnas

Weightlifting News: Issue 111
Sam Holmes

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Misdiagnosis: Tendinitis

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Though I’d felt a small flutter for at least a month, I felt a twinge of real pain in my left knee during an indoor practice at a small, local college in Bethlehem, Pa., in 2003. The U.S. women’s national 7s team had gathered together fro... Continue reading
CrossFit Criteria

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This whole CrossFit thing is getting big. Thanks to the interminable wisdom and foresight of one Robb Wolf—a kind and generous man as long as you don’t ask him if he’s a runner—I was personally introduced to CrossFit in its pu... Continue reading
Sand Training: More Power, Less Risk

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Speed kills. All things equal, the faster athlete will win. Or, is it greater strength that wins the day? All things equal, the stronger athlete will come out on top. Fast or strong, which one is the key to athletic supremacy?

Neither... Continue reading
Vitor Belfort and the UFC’s TRT Dilemma

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At 36-years-old, UFC light heavyweight Vitor Belfort is the best mixed martial artist he’s ever been. On May 18th, he knocked out Luke Rockhold, a 28-year-old rising star who had won nine straight, with a spinning heel kick that will go down as... Continue reading
Uncovering Talent

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Talent (tal·ent) – A natural aptitude or skill, Synonyms; gift – aptitude – ability – genius – capability. As defined by the Oxford Dictionary

Would you believe me if I told you that talent... Continue reading
True Paleo

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If we follow the tracks of our ancestors back far enough, deep down in the roots of our collective family arbor, we find that we are the descendants of mystical people. Highly aware individuals with the abilities to track across any surface. Mast... Continue reading