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Reorganizing Your Weightlifting Goals…Because You’re Forced To

People in weightlifting usually have short memories. I’ve always noticed this. Most of the lifters and coaches in the sport have no idea who the... Continue reading
Interview: Jocelyn Forest Haynes

Jocelyn Forest Haynes is one of the original Catalyst Athletics weightlifters. As you’ll read in this interview, she’s been with Greg and ... Continue reading
A Different Thought from the 2017 Worlds

I’m writing this on the balcony patio of my hotel room in the Anaheim Hilton, and the 2017 American Open is in full swing. I’m here to coa... Continue reading
Interview: Megan Kranz

I don’t want to dump on Olympic weightlifting because it’s a sport I love deeply, and it’s been one of the foundations of my life si... Continue reading
The Development of Women’s Weightlifting

Because I’ve been involved in Olympic weightlifting for a very long time, people often ask me, “What are some of the biggest changes you&r... Continue reading
Interview: Susan Murphy

I’ve been saying it for years. Gymnastics is the best place to recruit female Olympic weightlifters.   Susan Murphy is a former competiti... Continue reading
People Who Should Quit Weightlifting

I have a funny Shaquille O’Neal story. Want to hear it? Okay, here it goes. I once had a buddy who played against Shaq when he was in college. M... Continue reading
Interview: Danielle Hudes

Whenever I ask a weightlifter what their current goals are and they answer with, “to improve the quality of each lift,” I become a fan. Th... Continue reading
Your Checklist for a Weightlifting Comeback (You’re Gonna Need It)

Let’s talk about comebacks, shall we? A comeback is any situation where you return to success after being knocked down to the bottom. Those knoc... Continue reading
Conditioning and Weightlifting: Some Thoughts on the Confusion

There’s a lot of talk about weightlifting, conditioning, CrossFit, and how they can all fit together if you want to do everything. The goal of t... Continue reading
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