True or False: Some Weight Loss Supplements Actually Work
Beth Skwarecki

If every supplement marketed as a fat melting miracle actually worked, the obesity epidemic wouldn't exist, and we would all be thin (or ripped) and happy. But do some of them work? Is it just a matter of finding the right pill?

Today we'll look at a handful of the most popular and buzz-worthy supplements that claim to help people lose weight. Do they work? Are they safe? Let's dig in.

Weight Loss Supplements' Best Kept Secret

Some do...

jim nonnemacher June 1 2015 7:57 pm
First let me congratulate you on a good article. I get upset when I listen to some doctor guru (who is still on TV) proclaim the effectiveness of some of these weight loss supplements when the independent studies show they're worthless.

As for Ephedra, if taken as directed, it can be (is?) safe. Many of the deaths attributed to ephedra use, including the baseball pitcher whose name and team I can't remember, were the result of taking doses far exceeding those recommended. The old if a little is good lots more is better syndrome. There was a product, ECA Stack (ephedra/aspirin/caffeine), that if I recall correctly, had favorable results when taken as directed.
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