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Ask Greg: Issue 125

Mark Asks: It appears that there is more than one version of the High Hang Snatch. In version one, the body is positioned like the Tall Snatch, bar ac... Continue reading
The Willingness to Change Your Ideas: Programming, Coaching…All of It

Back in 2010, I had knee surgery, a meniscus repair that turned out to be a pretty simple procedure, fortunately. I was walking without crutches only ... Continue reading
Pulls For Strength or Pulls for Speed?

I’ve regularly seen beginner weightlifters and CrossFitters supplementing pulls and/or deadlifts into their program, which is brilliant! I often... Continue reading
Becoming a Weightlifting Coach Part 1: Why Coach?

I’ve been avoiding starting this article like I’d avoid a heavy squat session on the Saturday morning following a serious Friday night on ... Continue reading
Four Ways To Improve Your Dental Health

It’s been almost a decade since the inimitable Eva Twardokens explained in these pages how diseased teeth and gums can put a big hole in your fi... Continue reading
True or False: Some Weight Loss Supplements Actually Work

If every supplement marketed as a fat melting miracle actually worked, the obesity epidemic wouldn't exist, and we would all be thin (or ripped) and h... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Colin Burns

If you follow Olympic weightlifting in the United States at all, you know who Colin Burns is. His name has been red hot over the last few years as his... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 125

This month, I'll feature my final updated recipe from the early archives. I also want to openly apologize for being the first person (that I am aw... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 125

Upcoming National Meets   2015 National Youth Championships: Minneapolis, MN June 25-28 2015 National Championships: Dallas, TX, August 13-16 ... Continue reading
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