Why Sprint
Bruce Kelly

I posit that question as an entrée into the topic of sprinting, as many would ask, “Why should I sprint or add sprinting to my training program?”

There are many reasons why sprinting is worthwhile addition to anyone’s program, whether they’re an athlete, someone aspiring to be more athletic, or just someone who wants to get leaner.

Sprinting is the ultimate expression of power, coordination and athleticism. If you sprint well, you are ...

Maria Klein September 4 2013 2:04 pm
I've been working with something similar to the "speed training sprint program" for about 6 months and can't wait to try the ladders in your "sprint conditioning program." Very good article!
Ole Kier Petersen February 22 2014 1:43 am
Very inspiring article, will be put on the "list" of favourite articles.
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