Programming and Progressions for Youth Weightlifting: Building Weightlifting's Future
Erik Blekeberg

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PE programs are being cut, sports other than football or basketball get less money every year, and the injury rate of kids goes up as the movement quality goes down. I got into coaching the high school sector in strength and conditioning, but found it’s about a lot more than just lifting weights. It is about building a program that develops kids that care about movement and how they do things, kids that have focus, goals and drive.

I have built an effective Strength & Co...

Greg Everett January 2 2014 10:25 pm
Great info. My hat's off to you for getting all these kids involved in a great sport and doing it in a rationale way that will actually help them enjoy the sport and build a foundation for further progress after they're out of your program.
Erik Blekeberg January 3 2014 5:28 pm
Thank you very much Greg. I know you have done a lot to push weightlifting into the limelight. I can only hope to one day develop a program like Hassle Free Barbell but, I do see the schools as a necessity in a reform of American weightlifting.
Greg Everett January 3 2014 5:31 pm
Getting kids exposed to the sport in school is the number one biggest thing I think that will help the sport overall - even having a few-week unit in a PE class on weightlifting would do wonders. If kids can learn discus, shot-put, triple-jump and relatively obscure things like that in Jr HS and HS, there's no reason they can't try out weightlifting.
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