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Ask Me If It Was Worth It

People ask you about physical damage a lot when they find out you’re an Olympic weightlifter. Ever had that happen to you? I bet some of you pro... Continue reading
Interview: Ariel Stephens

I first met Ariel Stephens when I was on vacation. I’m not sure if she remembers this, but I do. I was in Monterey, CA in the summer of 2014 and... Continue reading
What We Become Through Weightlifting

Let me tell you about a Facebook message I got a few days ago. The guy who sent it to me had recently competed in his first Olympic weightlifting meet... Continue reading
Interview: Paul Fleschler

When people get started in Olympic weightlifting, they usually want to know who the best athletes in the sport are. We can all remember when we starte... Continue reading
The Risks We Take In Life And Weightlifting

Around a year ago, somebody asked me how I continue to get ideas for new things to write about. I’ve been writing articles about weightlifting, ... Continue reading
Interview: Alyssa Sulay

One of the coolest moments I’ve had at a national weightlifting meet in recent years happened at the 2015 National Championships. I was helping ... Continue reading
How Tough Should Weightlifting Coaches Be On Their Athletes?

When you’re in weightlifting for a long time and you accumulate a lot of experience, people eventually start to ask you questions. Whether you&r... Continue reading
Interview: Mike Gattone

No offense meant to any of the wonderful athletes and coaches we’ve previously interviewed for Performance Menu, but this month’s intervie... Continue reading
Why American Weightlifting Coaches Are As Good As Anybody

I’ll openly admit right from the beginning that I’m not sure if this article is going to strike a chord with all of you. I hope it will, b... Continue reading
Interview: Allie Henry

Whenever I interview athletes, I read the words they give me and then ask myself, “What is this athlete’s story really about?” After... Continue reading
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