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Who Controls Your Weightlifting? You…Or Somebody Else?

You’ve all gone to school, right? Most of you went to high school at least. A few of you dropped out, but the majority of you graduated. Some of... Continue reading
Interview: Kathleen Winters

Katie Winters has an interesting weightlifting story. First of all, she’s from Montana. I’ve been in Olympic weightlifting since the late ... Continue reading
The 1996 Olympic Trials: A Look At The Battles We All Face

I guess I’m getting old, damn it all to hell. You know why I’m saying that? Because I’ve reached the point in my weightlifting life ... Continue reading
Interview: Mike Gray

Mike Gray likes to sugarcoat things when he talks. He holds back his honest opinion, tells you what you want to hear, and tries as hard as he can to s... Continue reading
The Big Time…The Small Time: Why All Things Matter in Weightlifting

Many of you probably follow the international weightlifting scene, at least to some degree. Some of you might be avid fans who know the names and stat... Continue reading
Interview: Amy Hay

This month’s athlete interview is with a rising star from the lush green state of Oregon. Believe it or not, I’m writing this intro just t... Continue reading
Ask Me If It Was Worth It

People ask you about physical damage a lot when they find out you’re an Olympic weightlifter. Ever had that happen to you? I bet some of you pro... Continue reading
Interview: Ariel Stephens

I first met Ariel Stephens when I was on vacation. I’m not sure if she remembers this, but I do. I was in Monterey, CA in the summer of 2014 and... Continue reading
What We Become Through Weightlifting

Let me tell you about a Facebook message I got a few days ago. The guy who sent it to me had recently competed in his first Olympic weightlifting meet... Continue reading
Interview: Paul Fleschler

When people get started in Olympic weightlifting, they usually want to know who the best athletes in the sport are. We can all remember when we starte... Continue reading
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