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Selecting the Right Exercises for Your Program

Let’s talk a little more about selecting the right lifts and exercises for your training program. I know we’ve gone over this before, but... Continue reading
Interview: Cameron Swart

Cameron Swart is a big boy from Texas. In case you don’t know, big boys from Texas play football. I think it’s actually written into the s... Continue reading
Olympic Weightlifting and Arnold Schwarzenegger

When I write articles for this magazine, I always try to keep certain things in mind: You’re all looking for something that will make you... Continue reading
Interview: Greg Everett

I had another one of my genius moments recently, because I was trying to think of some good weightlifters to interview a few months ago and one of the... Continue reading
The Willingness to Change Your Ideas: Programming, Coaching…All of It

Back in 2010, I had knee surgery, a meniscus repair that turned out to be a pretty simple procedure, fortunately. I was walking without crutches only ... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Colin Burns

If you follow Olympic weightlifting in the United States at all, you know who Colin Burns is. His name has been red hot over the last few years as his... Continue reading
Bodyweight Changes: Be Prepared for Anything

Let’s talk about big people. And STOP! Even if you’re not a big person, this is still going to apply to you. So don’t jump ship on t... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Stephanie Palacol

If you’ve been following American weightlifting for an extended length of time, you know that there’s been a population explosion in recen... Continue reading
Everybody Who Lifts More Than Me Is Taking Drugs

Great title, huh? I have a warped sense of humor, so I’ve always thought it would be funny to write articles with offensive titles, like &ldq... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Kevin Cornell

Eighteen years old is a late start in Olympic weightlifting, if you’re talking about making a serious run at the Olympic Team. Many of you are o... Continue reading
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