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Optimal Lab Ranges for Performance Athletes

Most lab tests and blood tests are designed to diagnose and treat illness and disease with medications or surgery. Strength and power athletes present... Continue reading
Four Ways To Improve Your Dental Health

It’s been almost a decade since the inimitable Eva Twardokens explained in these pages how diseased teeth and gums can put a big hole in your fi... Continue reading
True or False: Some Weight Loss Supplements Actually Work

If every supplement marketed as a fat melting miracle actually worked, the obesity epidemic wouldn't exist, and we would all be thin (or ripped) and h... Continue reading
There’s An App (And a Wearable) For That

I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people with so many apps on my phone that it’s hard for me to keep track of them all. I have to dele... Continue reading
True or False: Chocolate Milk Is the Best Recovery Drink

Is chocolate milk better than expensive recovery products? There is a fair amount of research saying so.) Some of it funded by dairy companies.) But m... Continue reading
Muscular Activation in Warm-ups for Knee Health and Stability

Knee injuries are a touchy subject for me; I suffered a rather severe patellar tendinopaphy resulting from less than average programming and rather po... Continue reading
True or False: If You Get Sick, It’s Your Own Fault

We exercise and eat healthy to try to stay healthy, so if you get sick, does that mean you slipped up? I’ve written before about why we get cold... Continue reading
Maximizing Natural Testosterone Levels Through Exercise

The purpose of this article is to establish safe and effective methods or modalities for naturally boosting testosterone production. The modalities I&... Continue reading
Ladies: Are Your Hormones Out of Whack? Here's How To Try To Fix 'Em

Last month, Mark Kaelin wrote a great article on maintaining peak testosterone levels as you age, citing the pervasiveness of advertising geared towar... Continue reading
Maintaining Testosterone Levels at their Peak as You Age

Turn on your TV, page through the sports section of your local paper, or pick up any men’s magazine and you’re bound to see an ad describi... Continue reading
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