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A Meditation Primer

Meditating can be one of those annoying things that you already know they should do, but never get around to doing, like flossing, or changing your oi... Continue reading
True or False: Standing Desks Are Better For You

Recently, it’s been widely reported that sitting too much is bad for you. Studies suggest that it’s associated with an increased risk of d... Continue reading
True or False: You Need Surgery For Bulging Or Herniated Discs

“I’ve been suffering from low back pain for a few months now, and an MRI scan shows that I’ve got a bulging disc. I’ve been to... Continue reading
Strong is Happy but Happy is Stronger

Positive psychology sounds like a bit of an invitation for every hippie with their chakra aligned to go and spread the good word of fluffy feel-good v... Continue reading
True or False: Heart Rate Variability Trackers Can Tell You When You're Overtraining

In recent years, there have been a number of products on the market that claim to measure your “readiness for training” by tracking someth... Continue reading
True or False: Genetically Modified Foods are Bad for Your Health and the Environment

Genetically modified (or GM) foods have been with us since the 1990s, and most of us are probably eating them on a regular basis. A genetically modifi... Continue reading
True or False: Getting More Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight

It’s an oft-repeated assertion in health magazines, websites and within the fitness community; not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain.... Continue reading
A Primer On Herbalism Part 3: Wherein We Finally Talk About Specific Plants

So we’ve talked about all of the benefits—and drawbacks and limitations—of using herbal remedies, and we’ve delved into many d... Continue reading
A Primer On Herbalism Part 2: Herbal Preparations

Last month we talked about the pros and cons of using herbal remedies. It’s always possible to buy herbal products from natural food stores or o... Continue reading
Optimal Lab Ranges for Performance Athletes Part 3: Cholesterol, Lipid management, and Risk for Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Most lab tests and blood tests are designed to diagnose and treat illness and disease with medications or surgery. Strength and power athletes present... Continue reading
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