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Interview: Ben Claridad

When you’ve been in the sport of Olympic weightlifting for over two decades, you hear a lot of stories about how our top national-level lifters ... Continue reading
Interview: Caitlin Hogan

Twenty years ago, if you interviewed high-level Olympic weightlifters and asked them about their background, they were probably going to tell you they... Continue reading
Interview: Kathleen Winters

Katie Winters has an interesting weightlifting story. First of all, she’s from Montana. I’ve been in Olympic weightlifting since the late ... Continue reading
Interview: Mike Gray

Mike Gray likes to sugarcoat things when he talks. He holds back his honest opinion, tells you what you want to hear, and tries as hard as he can to s... Continue reading
Behind the Lifter: Adee Zukier

Throughout our lives, relationships come and go. Every person has opportunities to connect with different people in various circumstances. Connecting ... Continue reading
Interview: Amy Hay

This month’s athlete interview is with a rising star from the lush green state of Oregon. Believe it or not, I’m writing this intro just t... Continue reading
Interview: Paul Fleschler

When people get started in Olympic weightlifting, they usually want to know who the best athletes in the sport are. We can all remember when we starte... Continue reading
Interview: Alyssa Sulay

One of the coolest moments I’ve had at a national weightlifting meet in recent years happened at the 2015 National Championships. I was helping ... Continue reading
Interview: Daniel Camargo

When you’ve been in weightlifting for over a quarter century, you see quite a few talented young lifters come and go. Some of them get labeled a... Continue reading
Interview: Tim Swords

Tim Swords is a big weightlifting coach in Texas who trains big Texas weightlifters and football players. That’s a very simple description of th... Continue reading
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