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Athlete Interview: James Tatum

“That guy with the beard looks pretty good.” That’s what I said the first time I saw James Tatum compete. It was at the 2012 America... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Carissa Gordon Gump

We all love those touching stories about athletes who start at the bottom and then go all the way to the top, right? You know the ones I’m talki... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Kara Doherty

These days, it’s much easier than it used to be if you’re an Olympic lifter and you’re looking for a place to train. Because of the ... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Travis Cooper

A young kid plays sports in high school. At some point, his coaches introduce him to weight training and he learns that it will make him a better athl... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: D’Angelo Osorio

The United States has had some amazing young athletes over the years. Most people in the sport tend to follow the accomplishments of the current top t... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Caleb Williams

When you become a competitive athlete in any sport, it's very difficult to make it to the top of the mountain. Winning a national championship, breaki... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Caine Wilkes

400 kilos is a lot of weight. It’s 881 pounds. Totaling 400 kilos in an Olympic weightlifting competition is extremely hard to do. How close are... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Kelly Rexroad-Williams

Mileage counts for a lot in weightlifting. Those of you who read this magazine have varying levels of time and experience as strength athletes. Some o... Continue reading
16 Questions With Chris Kluwe

I met Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe (formerly of the Minnesota Vikings) in Minneapolis when he was signing copies of his new book, Beautifully Un... Continue reading
Staying Consistent: An Interview With Nutrition Coach Adam Gilbert

It’s February 1st. Do you know where your New Year’s resolutions are? Maybe you’re still plugging away on the dietary changes you wa... Continue reading
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