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Nightshades: Part II

In our first installment of the nightshade/Solanaceae story, I covered some of the history, animal testing, and Black Box reports of “cooperator... Continue reading

Working as a generalist strength & conditioning coach using CrossFit methodology appears to be a case of “Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None... Continue reading
Weightlifting Nutrition: Part II

Bodyweight Managing bodyweight is primarily a concern of competitive weightlifters, although most athletes will certainly have reason to control th... Continue reading
The Shadow of the Mountain: Part 1

In September of this year I was informed by the powers that be that I was being transferred from Camp Pendleton, California to Marine Corps Base Mt Fu... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 35

Squash Bowl Soup If you miss eating hearty soup from a bread bowl, here is an idea that works well. I like this with my Squash Bisque or Chunky Pum... Continue reading
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