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Ask Greg: Issue 126

Tim Asks: Quick background about me; I am in the military and have been lifting weights for 13 years. I have been doing Olympic lifts on and off durin... Continue reading
Olympic Weightlifting and Arnold Schwarzenegger

When I write articles for this magazine, I always try to keep certain things in mind: You’re all looking for something that will make you... Continue reading
Optimal Lab Ranges for Performance Athletes

Most lab tests and blood tests are designed to diagnose and treat illness and disease with medications or surgery. Strength and power athletes present... Continue reading
Your Most Dangerous Client

As group fitness coaches, we do our best to avoid injuring our athletes. We protect them from their environment and from each other, but how do we pro... Continue reading
Becoming a Weightlifting Coach Part 2: Sharing the Load

Last month I talked about how I ended up in coaching, so in this second article I thought it would make sense to talk about how the transition from at... Continue reading
Achilles Ruptures Do Not Have To Happen

Back in 2011, discussion of Achilles injuries secondary to box jumps was not that prevalent. All of us in the CrossFit world were doing fast, reboundi... Continue reading
True or False: Running on Hard Surfaces Is Bad for Your Knees

Tell me if these suggestions sound familiar: Find a soft grassy field to do sprints. Stick to trails instead of pavement when you can. Enjoy the sprin... Continue reading
Interview: Greg Everett

I had another one of my genius moments recently, because I was trying to think of some good weightlifters to interview a few months ago and one of the... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 126

Cantaloupe, Fennel, and Blue Cheese Salad Time: 12 minutes Dressing: • 2 Tbsp. rice wine vinegar • 2 Tbsp. olive oil • 1/2 tsp... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 126

Upcoming National Meets   2015 National Championships: Dallas, TX, August 13-16 2015 National University Championships: Ogden, UT, September ... Continue reading
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