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Ask Greg: Issue 132

Maggie Asks: What are some good ways to counteract an excessive lower back arch? I have a tendency towards lordosis/anterior pelvic tilt and have a ha... Continue reading
Why American Weightlifting Coaches Are As Good As Anybody

I’ll openly admit right from the beginning that I’m not sure if this article is going to strike a chord with all of you. I hope it will, b... Continue reading
8 Cuts of Meat You’ve Never Tried But Should

When shopping for meat, it’s easy to fall in a rut. Naturally, we gravitate toward the cuts we know and dearly love: chicken breasts, filet ... Continue reading
True or False: Genetically Modified Foods are Bad for Your Health and the Environment

Genetically modified (or GM) foods have been with us since the 1990s, and most of us are probably eating them on a regular basis. A genetically modifi... Continue reading
What the Corporate World Taught Me About Succeeding in Weightlifting

Fate has not yet seen fit to grant me a highly paid coaching position, and the good Lord did not create me with anything more than a mediocre talent f... Continue reading
Interview: Allie Henry

Whenever I interview athletes, I read the words they give me and then ask myself, “What is this athlete’s story really about?” After... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 132

This month, we'll look at a few fall/winter fruit recipes and also take a basic look at cooking lentils. Fruit Salad w/Star Anise Time: 45 minu... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 132

Upcoming National Meets February 18-21- 2016 Junior National Championships and Senior Trials (Philadelphia, PA) May 5-8- USAW National Champions... Continue reading
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