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Simple Template for Writing Your Own Conditioning Workouts Part 2: Application

In last month’s article, “Foundations,” we laid groundwork for conditioning workouts by investigating best practices, realizing time... Continue reading
Simple Template For Writing Your Own Conditioning Workouts Part 1: Foundations

You’ve done many, many conditioning workouts at your local box, you’ve done a few fitness competitions, you’ve tried random workouts... Continue reading
Using Team Workouts in Group Fitness Classes

As the so-called “sport of fitness” evolves, so to do the types of events we see in competition. The most innovative of these events are t... Continue reading
Forging Better Lives

We all have different reasons for becoming CrossFit coaches. CrossFit changed your life and you want to help others… Exercising is the most fun... Continue reading
Being a Smartman in Strongman

New York City’s Global Strongman Gym hosted a strongman show in early December in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. I competed i... Continue reading
Staying Consistent During the Holidays

So Thanksgiving’s just passed. Your eyes are still heavy from the tryptophan and your belt’s a little tighter because of Grandma’s a... Continue reading
Olympic Lifting Practice for Group Classes

In 2007, I saw the movie “300” and like so many other college dudes asked, “How do I get a six pack like those fellas?” A Goog... Continue reading
Providing Feedback to Your Coaching Peers

In the past year at CrossFit NYC, our membership has more than doubled, as has our coaching staff. As new faces join the coaching crew, we have looked... Continue reading
Developing Independence in a Group Athletic Setting

Imagine that you’ve been a student in a CrossFit or group training class for a while now. As these modes grow in popularity, you’ve notice... Continue reading
Utilizing the EMOM in CrossFit Competitive Training

If you follow any current strength and conditioning programs, you have probably come across the word EMOM (read: E mom, think: electronic mother.) EMO... Continue reading
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