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The Age of Reason

This may come as a bit of a shock to you, so brace yourselves for some cold hard facts. Getting into CrossFit and Olympic weight lifting in your mid-t... Continue reading
Coaching CrossFitters: It Might Be You Who Has to Change!

Have you ever noticed that when CrossFit comes up in conversation people have either never heard of it, or they have, and they have a strong opinion a... Continue reading
Buddy Workouts

Do you hate doing conditioning or accessory work but know you should be doing them? Are you looking for fun new workouts to do in your group fitness c... Continue reading
Training for Benchmark Workouts

Fitness folk around the world are talking about Fran, Diane, Annie and all the other popular CrossFit Benchmark workouts (The Girls.) They're tough wo... Continue reading
The Rise of Competitive Fitness and How to Run Your Own Competition

Competitive fitness has been around since the Ancient Olympics, where the first pentathlon was held in 708 BC. Perseus was the credited with being th... Continue reading
Simple Template for Writing Your Own Conditioning Workouts Part 2: Application

In last month’s article, “Foundations,” we laid groundwork for conditioning workouts by investigating best practices, realizing time... Continue reading
Simple Template For Writing Your Own Conditioning Workouts Part 1: Foundations

You’ve done many, many conditioning workouts at your local box, you’ve done a few fitness competitions, you’ve tried random workouts... Continue reading
Using Team Workouts in Group Fitness Classes

As the so-called “sport of fitness” evolves, so to do the types of events we see in competition. The most innovative of these events are t... Continue reading
Forging Better Lives

We all have different reasons for becoming CrossFit coaches. CrossFit changed your life and you want to help others… Exercising is the most fun... Continue reading
Squats and Deadlifts for CrossFit

The squat and deadlift are the foundational movements for strength. If you want to dominate the “sport of fitness,” you need to be profici... Continue reading
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