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Ask Greg: Issue 106

Troy Asks: I've been training for just over 3 years (took about 6 months off in there) and have a question about injuries. I'm currently training 4 da... Continue reading
A Great Olympic Champion…And You

I don’t write about other people very often. It’s not what I want to do, and I don’t think it’s what most of you are intereste... Continue reading
Squats and Deadlifts for CrossFit

The squat and deadlift are the foundational movements for strength. If you want to dominate the “sport of fitness,” you need to be profici... Continue reading
Hacking Paleo With Patrick Vlaskovits

You may know Patrick Vlaskovits as the CEO of Paleohacks, the place to get answers to questions on all things Paleo. (You can also peruse recipes or l... Continue reading
Health and Fitness Production vs. Consumption

It’s 5:45 AM and John’s alarm goes off. After a swig of the generic pre-workout mix from the local GNC store, he jumps in his car and head... Continue reading
Uncovering Talent

Talent (tal·ent) – A natural aptitude or skill, Synonyms; gift – aptitude – ability – genius – capability. As def... Continue reading
True or False: You need to get a good night's sleep before a competition

The great sleep researcher Casey Stengel (okay, not really: he's best known as the wise-cracking manager of the Yankees in the 1950s) once quipped, &q... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 106

Non-Stick Cast Iron Cookware This isn't really a recipe, but a technique of making your cast iron cookware non-stick. 1) Coat the pan with coco... Continue reading
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