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Ask Greg: Issue 141

Nic Asks: My question is how the hell do I stop being afraid of the bar? I'm a solid year into Olympic/CrossFit style training, and still find mys... Continue reading
The Opinions of Others in Your Weightlifting Life

Let me tell you a little fictional inspirational story I heard a long time ago. I don’t know who told me this story for the first time, but I&rs... Continue reading
Are Weightlifters Really Lacking Posterior Chain Work?

Weightlifters need stronger posterior chains. I’ve heard that more times than I can count, and always from someone outside the weightlifting com... Continue reading
Establishing A Weightlifting Program In A Franchise

Olympic weightlifting and franchise gyms have both been around for years but have been typically been separated. With the recent explosion of Olympic ... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 141

Upcoming National Meets December 8-11 American Open 2016 (Orlando, FL)   Upcoming International Meets October 20-25 IWF Youth World Champ... Continue reading
The Fairness of Retesting Athletes for Drugs

I spent a few days trying to decide if I wanted to write this article or not. That’s not because it’s going to be risqué, overly co... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 140

Upcoming National Meets September 22-25 National University Championships (New Orleans, LA) December 8-11 American Open 2016 (Orlando, FL)  ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 139

Scott Asks: Do you suggest doing powerlifting/body building assistance work?   Greg Says: I assume you mean do I suggest doing these things for... Continue reading
Drug Use in Weightlifting & The Battle of Mindsets

The issue of drug use in sports has never been a simple one, and it’s never encouraged the most rational, even-tempered reactions from people. T... Continue reading
Who Controls Your Weightlifting? You…Or Somebody Else?

You’ve all gone to school, right? Most of you went to high school at least. A few of you dropped out, but the majority of you graduated. Some of... Continue reading
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