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Ask Greg: Issue 130

Charles Asks: An often-quoted figure is that you can lift 81% of your full squat snatch weight with a power snatch movement. Because of one misbehaving knee, I thought I would be restricted to the power movements, avoiding the full squat, alas, only ... Continue reading
Some Changes I See in Weightlifting

I guess I should start this article by telling you something you already know. Or maybe you don’t know it…I’m not sure. I can’t be certain because I’m in a different place than most of you. And I should probably explain... Continue reading
True or False: Barefoot Running is Better for You and More Efficient

  People have been running barefoot for most of human history. Specialist running shoes are a relatively recent invention, first appearing in the 19th century. As the technology developed, from the 1970s onwards, cushioning was increasingly add... Continue reading
Identifying A Good Weightlifting Coach

Weightlifting is a simple sport. You lift a weight from the floor to above the head across two competition lifts. However, the art of doing so in the most effective manner involves a very complex set of movements. It’s not something many can su... Continue reading
A Primer On Herbalism Part 3: Wherein We Finally Talk About Specific Plants

So we’ve talked about all of the benefits—and drawbacks and limitations—of using herbal remedies, and we’ve delved into many different herbal preparations you can make: infusions, decoctions, oils, salves, tinctures, liniments... Continue reading
Interview: David Garcia

The two best 105 kg weightlifters I’ve seen in the United States since I started my career were Wes Barnett and Pete Kelley. These guys had tremendous work ethic and talent, which drove them to multiple National Championships, World and Olympic... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 130

 Sweet Salmon Hash A quick recipe using leftover salmon. This makes a good breakfast, or you can enjoy it at anytime. Time: 20 minutes • 1/2 small onion, chopped • 1 sweet potato, peeled and diced small • 2 Tbsp. coconu... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 130

Upcoming National Meets   2015 American Open Championships: Reno, NV, December 3-6   Upcoming International Meets   2015 IWF World Championships: Houston, USA, November 20-29 Catalyst Athletics Certifications January 23-24 ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 129

Aaron Asks: Hi Greg, just wanted to see if you could point me in the right direction for a good back squat program? Greg Says: Check out the Catalyst Athletics website. We have several free ones such as the 4-Week Leg Strength Block 1, 4-Week Leg... Continue reading
Coach-Athlete Loyalty: Where Are The Boundaries?

Relationships are risky. I don’t think I really understood this until I was older, but it’s true. When you get into a relationship with somebody, you’re giving that person some importance in your life. That means you’re giving... Continue reading
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