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Ask Greg: Issue 140

Erika Asks: Hi Coach, I’ve just started Olympic Lifting a couple months ago and I'm having issues with my catch position in the clean. I can easily power clean 115#s but I'm unable to do a full clean with more than 110#s and I can't... Continue reading
The Fairness of Retesting Athletes for Drugs

I spent a few days trying to decide if I wanted to write this article or not. That’s not because it’s going to be risqué, overly controversial, or inappropriate. My debate was happening because it’s about the current drug sit... Continue reading
Assessments For Improved Performance 101: When You Assume, You Make an ASS Out of U and ME!

Trends come and go in the fitness industry, and currently one of those trends happens to be corrective exercise. Simply put, corrective exercise is any exercise that is meant to correct an aberrant movement pattern in some fashion. Of course, there a... Continue reading
True or False: You Need Surgery For Bulging Or Herniated Discs

“I’ve been suffering from low back pain for a few months now, and an MRI scan shows that I’ve got a bulging disc. I’ve been told that it won’t go back in by itself, so I should try to get surgery. Is this true?” L... Continue reading
What Happens In The Gym Stays In The Gym Part 2: Technical Tips For Coaches and Gym Owners

Last month, we talked about the best ways to ensure privacy for people at your gym (pro tip: don’t post pictures of people in the dressing room on Snapchat). We delved into the importance of keeping people’s injuries/illnesses/health hist... Continue reading
Legal Considerations When Entering A Sponsorship

Sponsorships are much like singlets: one size does not fit all. In fact, sponsorships are as unique and diverse as the brands they represent. Sponsorships are also legally binding contracts and companies don’t enter in them lightly. Corporation... Continue reading
Interview: Caitlin Hogan

Twenty years ago, if you interviewed high-level Olympic weightlifters and asked them about their background, they were probably going to tell you they played a different sport when they were young, and then got seriously into weightlifting afterwards... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 140

Upcoming National Meets September 22-25 National University Championships (New Orleans, LA) December 8-11 American Open 2016 (Orlando, FL)   Upcoming International Meets October 20-25 IWF Youth World Championships (Penang, Malaysia) No... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 139

Scott Asks: Do you suggest doing powerlifting/body building assistance work?   Greg Says: I assume you mean do I suggest doing these things for weightlifters. Bodybuilding assistance work definitely has a place and time for most weightlifters.... Continue reading
Drug Use in Weightlifting & The Battle of Mindsets

The issue of drug use in sports has never been a simple one, and it’s never encouraged the most rational, even-tempered reactions from people. The issue has exploded recently in the sport of weightlifting with a record number of positive drug t... Continue reading
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