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Ask Greg: Issue 119

Lauren Asks: I have a much higher Power Snatch than Snatch and find that my difficulty resides in catching the barbell in a low squat position. I have been doing snatch balance to help this, but am not sure if that is the fix or if I should be doing ... Continue reading
Support Systems: Lifting You Up vs. Dragging You Down

Once again, I heard something in a movie today that made me think about weightlifting. The movie was “The Wolf of Wall Street,” which is a wholesome film that families should watch together. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a corrupt Wall Street s... Continue reading
Buddy Workouts

Do you hate doing conditioning or accessory work but know you should be doing them? Are you looking for fun new workouts to do in your group fitness classes? Good news, you’re in luck. Buddy workouts--workouts with a partner--are a fun, motivat... Continue reading
Calm Like a Bomb: Properly Applying Aggression

Weightlifting is a very mental sport. A lot of coaches have been heard to say things along the lines of, “Weightlifting is 90 percent mental.” I get the point and agree in principle, but it should be obvious to anyone that this is hyperbo... Continue reading
Coach Expertise and Client Agency: Finding A Balance

Fitness blogs and trade journals alike have many articles on ways to improve your coaching, and we’re no exception. There are entire books devoted to the topic as well, focusing primarily on coaches that interact well with all sorts of athletes... Continue reading
True or False: Cardio Sabotages Your Strength Training

You know what makes me feel like a total badass when I'm sitting around with a hot cocoa on a snowy winter afternoon? Being able to say, "Oh yeah, that weather's terrible. I ran five miles in it this morning." Spend enough time on the r... Continue reading
The Importance of Emphasizing Power Training in Older Clients

Muscular power is the ability to quickly generate force, apply it to a load and successfully complete an action. Although we routinely schedule programming that enhances power development in athletes, many times, when training older clients, we conce... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Samantha Lower

It’s a lot of fun to hear from weightlifters who have gone through the whole range of experiences in this sport. The excitement of getting started, the great early years when you’re constantly get-ting better and improving, the plateaus, ... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 119

I've been writing this cooking column for the Performance Menu for a long time - nearly 10 years to be exact! The diet of our family has evolved along the way and the recipes reflect that to an extent. Over much of that period, they also reflect the ... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 119

Upcoming National Meets   2014 American Open Championships: Washington D.C. December 12-15   Upcoming International Meets 4th FISU World University Championships: Chiangmai, Thailand, December 5-8    USAW Certs   ... Continue reading
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