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Ask Greg: Issue 128

CJ Asks: Good morning, first off let me say thank you to you for your commitment to the sport of weightlifting. Your efforts to spread knowledge and motivation are extraordinary and embody what I believe to be the most important lesson from the sport... Continue reading
Young Kids and Olympic Weightlifting

Bringing kids into Olympic weightlifting…aaahhh, what a subject. Actually, I could probably change that first sentence into “Youth sports in general….aaahhh, what a subject.” Thinking about introducing young kids into sports... Continue reading
How to Write Your First Fitness Article

Have you been coaching for a while and now it's time to prove your know-how in print? Are you tired of answering the same questions again and again, and wishing all the answers were written down somewhere? Do you have a miraculous system that could i... Continue reading
Optimal Lab Ranges for Performance Athletes Part 3: Cholesterol, Lipid management, and Risk for Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Most lab tests and blood tests are designed to diagnose and treat illness and disease with medications or surgery. Strength and power athletes present a unique blood profile that most physicians will simply write off as "normal," even thoug... Continue reading
A Primer on Herbalism Part 1: Benefits and Drawbacks

If you’ve ever had a cup of chamomile tea to try to relax a little before bed, or picked some plantain and crushed it up to put on a bug bite, then you already know what herbalism is. It’s simply using plants’ roots, seeds, barks, l... Continue reading
Coaching CrossFitters: It Might Be You Who Has to Change!

Have you ever noticed that when CrossFit comes up in conversation people have either never heard of it, or they have, and they have a strong opinion about it? There is little or no middle ground. In the weightlifting community, these strong opinions ... Continue reading
Interview: Aimee Anaya Everett

Aimee Anaya Everett is the main reason I’m writing for Catalyst Athletics. You probably didn’t know that, did you? Back in 2008, I was lifting at a meet in California. Aimee came up to me in the warm-up room and struck up a conversation.... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 128

Roasted Salt and Vinegar Sweet Potatoes This is a recipe adapted from a Cook's Illustrated feature. New potatoes were used in the original. Here, I am using yellow sweet potatoes. A number of things had to be modified to make this work using sweet... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 128

Upcoming National Meets   2015 National University Championships: Ogden, UT, September 24-27   2015 American Open Championships: Reno, NV, December 3-6   Upcoming International Meets   Youth Pan-Am Championships: San Luis ... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Issue 127

Gavin Asks: I’m having big problems progressing any of my squats. I have a weight shift when under heavy load and am finding it really hard to correct it. Would appreciate any ideas as to correct this movement pattern. I have added BOSU ball sq... Continue reading
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