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Ask Greg: Issue 114

Jessica Asks: As a novice female lifter I have issues with my split jerk drive. I start fine with the dip but always go forward on the drive no matter how hard I fight it. It's less so when I power jerk but I'm not sure whether I should try to switch... Continue reading
Instilling Personal Character: Not Your Job?

Don’t you just love how dependent we are on the internet? It’s a little pathetic, isn’t it? We literally can’t live without it. I’m an old school guy, so I guess I should have a condemning attitude about it…gripin... Continue reading
How to Recover Like a Professional Athlete Without the Professional Paycheck

To get in shape, you need to work out as much as possible. But how do you attack Wednesday’s training session when you can barely move from Monday’s? The answer is recovery. Professional athletes push their bodies to the limit w... Continue reading
Incorporating Olympic lifting In Your Program to Increase Speed Development

For years, Olympic lifting has been worked into training programs of athletes looking to get stronger. What most people do not realize is that Olympic lifting is a huge component of speed development. While Olympic lifters do not have to add a speed ... Continue reading
Utilizing Post Activation Potentiation to Maximize Power Output

How many of us early in our training history looked at the warm-up as just some time for a little stretching, coupled with a little cardio before hitting the squat rack? Not anymore. Static stretching before a training session has gone the way of the... Continue reading
True or False: Alcohol Sabotages Your Recovery

Tell me I'm not the only fan of the post-workout shower beer. You know, when you've had a long day and then a hard workout, and your need for a hot shower is surpassed only by your need for a cold beer. So, unable to decide, you have them both at the... Continue reading
Kebabs: Winning Combinations for the Grill

Summer’s long days can make cooking indoors feel like a chore. So if you’re looking for new ideas for the grill, consider the kebab. Kebabs—or shish kebabs as they’re often called—are so much more than “meat on... Continue reading
Athlete Interview: Travis Cooper

A young kid plays sports in high school. At some point, his coaches introduce him to weight training and he learns that it will make him a better athlete. Over time, his skills in the weight room begin to excel. When he graduates from high school, he... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 114

Quick Red Curry w/Lamb Time: 15 minutes • 1 Tbsp. coconut oil • 1/2 onion, chopped • 1 lb. lamb, diced • 1/2-cup coconut cream (coconut milk can work in a pinch) • 4 cups spinach • 1 Tbsp. red curry paste &bu... Continue reading
Weightlifting News: Issue 114

Upcoming National Meets   National Championships: Salt Lake City, Utah, July 17-20   2014 National University Championships: Albuquerque, NM September 25-28   2014 American Open Championships: Washington D.C. December 12-15 &nbs... Continue reading
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