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The Essence of Time

In sports, when the word “time” is used in a conversation, most discussion will be focused on an individual’s 40-yard dash, or how f... Continue reading
A Simple Matter of Intensity

Intensity, intensity, intensity…the higher the better! Higher intensity means faster results! If you’ve been paying attention to the worl... Continue reading
Perfecting Posture for Injury Prevention

I first wrote about Esther Gokhale in the February 2010 issue, after reading 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back and taking a Gokhale Method Foundations cours... Continue reading
Chapter Two: Hunter Gatherers Are Us

Excerpt from the book The Paleolithic Solution by Robb Wolf This book is a story about us. You know, H. Sapiens. It’s also a story of how to ... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 68

Sarape This dish is named after the sarape, which is a colorful item of clothing that is worn by people in South America, Central America, and Mexi... Continue reading
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