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Using Bulgarian Split Squats in Your Training to Improve Strength, Power, and Performance

Ask anyone what the best exercise is to build leg strength and power and you’re bound to hear traditional (bilateral-2 legged) back squats. Howe... Continue reading
Squats: Maximize Performance Benefits With Rock Solid Form

Mastering squats is essential for success in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, sports performance, and general fitness, but when you look around th... Continue reading
Finding Strength Off Of The Platform

There comes a time when you get to the age, or even the point in your life, when you look around and think maybe you need a new challenge. A new type ... Continue reading
Mike McGivern. Powerlifter.

I met Mike McGivern a couple of days before his wedding. It was raining. His fiancé was very worried about it doing the same on their big day. ... Continue reading
True or False: Cardio Sabotages Your Strength Training

You know what makes me feel like a total badass when I'm sitting around with a hot cocoa on a snowy winter afternoon? Being able to say, "Oh yeah... Continue reading
Absolute Strength, Absolute Speed, and Everything In Between

When working with high level CrossFit athletes and assessing their relative strengths and weaknesses, I often categorize them as either “faster ... Continue reading
Strength: Easy as Pi

When my athletes ask me how to get faster, or get more powerful, or how to make plays worthy of SportsCenter’s Top 10, I always answer the same:... Continue reading
Specificity In Training for Strength

For the powerlifter, sport practice is the squat (to depth with competition stance and equipment), bench press (with a pause on the chest with competi... Continue reading
Being a Smartman in Strongman

New York City’s Global Strongman Gym hosted a strongman show in early December in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. I competed i... Continue reading
True or False: Muscle soreness means you're getting stronger

Whether you're hitting the gym again after a too-long holiday break, or you've hopped on the resolution bandwagon with some new ambitious goal... Continue reading
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