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Ask Greg: Issue 73

Mike Asks: Greg, Aimee, I’ve got a question. What’s the difference, if any, when conducting strength training and the sets and rep scheme... Continue reading
Get Up, Stand Up: Five Spiritual Principles of Squatting

When I look back at the Performance Menu articles I’ve been writing in recent months, I notice that several of them have dealt with topics such ... Continue reading
Mass Made Simple: An Excerpt by Dan John

What follows is a sample from Dan John’s newest book, Mass Made Simple: A Six-Week Journey Into Bulking, which can be purchased here. Pardon ... Continue reading
Mental Game Coaching: An Interview With Bill Cole (Part 2)

International Mental Game Coaching Association founder Bill Cole has been coaching and consulting in sports psychology for 30 years. He has served as ... Continue reading
Sleep: An Undervalued Ergogenic Aid

We all know we need sleep, and most of us would admit that we probably need more. Unfortunately, that knowledge often isn’t enough to compel us ... Continue reading
Recipes: Issue 73

This month features a few simple odds and ends. It also marks a slight shift in the recipes, as I will occasionally be using some ingredients that may... Continue reading
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